Equipment Case
案例名称: Embedding Machines
说明: Type:                                       EA1200                             EA1500Main supply:                           400V/AC/3Ph                   400V/AC/3PhMax. flask size round:          ...
案例名称: WinCast
说明: RWP provide service including Casting simulation software, heat treatment consulting and training, project development etc. WinCast-expert is an experiment-based software for the simulation and optimization of the casting process design  (riser and gating system), a product optimization and stress analysis module based on finite element method and a module for predicting the phase change of the product's micro structure due to heat treatment. In addition, the software also includes the whole pre- and post-processing module like mesh and VTK display. WinCast –expert applies in many kinds of casting process designing including sand casting, metal castin , high pressure Die casting, low pressure die casting, investment casting, centrifugal casting, lost foam casting, t...
案例名称: MK Fast Shell Building
案例名称: Sand Casting
案例名称: Investment casting

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