Equipment Case
案例名称: VX200
说明: Features: compact machine, easy to operate, suitable for installation in tight space. Dimensions L x W x H: 1700 x 900 x 1500mmInstallation Space:3500 x 2500 x 2000mmWeight: 450kgBuild Space: 300 x 200 x 150mmPrinting Resolution: up to 300 dpiLayer Thickness: 150 μm ( PMMA ), 300 μm ( sand )Printing Speed: 1-1.6 L/H
案例名称: VX500
说明: Features: suitable for amounts of material and applications, especially for high quality plastic, PMMA mold for investment casting, sand mold and sand core. Dimension L x W x H: 1750 x 1850 x 2100mmInstallation space: 8000 x 6500 x 2800mmWeight: 1200kgBuilding Space: 500 x 400 x 300Printing Resolution: 600 dpiLayer Thickness: 150 μmPrinting Speed: 3.8-5.8 L/H
案例名称: VX1000
说明: Features: suitable for many kinds of materials to meet different customers. Sand printer used by inorganic binder is optional. Dimensions L x W x H: 2800 x 2400 x 2300mmInstallation Space: 11000 x 8000 x 2800mmWeight: 3500kgBuilding Space: 1000 x 600 x 500mmPrinting Resolution: 600 dpiLayer thickness: 150 μm ( PMMA ), 300 μm ( sand )Printing Speed: 6-23 L/H
案例名称: VX2000
说明: Features: A larger format machine with the capacity to manufacture lager, complicated parts. Suitable for all kinds materials at voxeljet and wide use. Dimension L x W x H: 2500 x 4900 x 2700mmInstallation Space: 18000 x 9500x 3500mmWeight: 5500kgBuilding Space: 2000 x 1000 x 1000mmPrinting Resolution: bis 300 dpiLayer thickness: 300 μmPrinting Speed: 47 L/H
案例名称: VX4000
说明: Features: The largest volume production 3D printer in the world. using wide printer head, suitable for larger sand mould volume production. Dimension L x W x H: 19000 x 9300 x 4300mmInstallation: 24000 x 16100 x 4500mmWeight: --Building Space: 4000 x 2000 x 1000mmPrinting Resolution: 300 dpiLayer thickness: 300 μmPrinting Speed: 123 L/H

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