Equipment Case
案例名称: MK Slurry
说明: Mk autoclaves allow a quick yet gentle dewaxing of investment casting shells. Numerous innovations and technical advancements ensure a stable process with a high level of reproducability and accuracy. MK autoclaves is a user-friendly and efficient facility to meet the high safety standards. MK Technology supplies four different autoclaves , also can offer custom-made solution according to the requirements. The equipment initial heating time only needs 30 minutes, the minimum time to balance the pressure is 3 seconds. With the help of rapid air pressure and 180℃ steam, the process of dewaxing is very gentle, the surface of wax mould will melt before mould expand. Autoclaves control by PLC, which is equipped touch screen and click wheel, so they are operated easily and automatically. Mo...
案例名称: MK Big-Booster
说明: MK Big-Booster is a High speed shell drying facility for large shell manufacturing, it can be custom-made according to the size of shell, and the largest size can be up to 1500mm. As the conventional shell drying with water based slurries takes a long time and the evaporative chill effect causes a temperature drift, there is always a risk of cracks. The new Mk high speed drying technology solves this problem automatically. Thus the quality of the shell is better and shell building time is reduced dramatically. Advantages:●Shell building speed 20-40 times faster than conventional process●Superb surface and shell quality●Reduced shell cracks●Work well for all geometries including deep pocket and holes●No post-curing required●Simple and intuitive operation
案例名称: Cyclone
说明: MK Cyclone is an integrated machine for automatic shell building.It can produce 7 layers within 4 hours, the largest size can be up to 500 x 500mm, it is an ideal solution to produce single part rapidly, especially for R&D product. Advantages:●Extremely fast, a shell with 7 layers can be produced within 4 hours●Fully automatic – machine can run overnight●Superb surface and shell quality●Save space●Shells with deep pockets and holes are possible●Suitable for all kinds of metals
案例名称: MK Sander
说明: MK Sander: By means of adjustable shovels inside the drum the sand is continuously conveyed upwards from where it rains down through a riddle screen. In the lower segment there is a plastic sieve which separates impurities, and counteracts a formation of dust. The different setting options, such as rotary speed of the drum, jogging frequency and trajectory allow an absolutely homogenous sanding with fine as well as with coarse sand. Filling and control are carried out through the rear acrylic glass lifting door. A newly developed exhaust system reduces the dust formation. ●Absolutely homogenous sanding●Adjustable to different sands●Efficient maintaining of the sanding process due to the rear acrylic glass door and twin   lamp●Separation of all impurities to the outside from ...
案例名称: MK CasCoat
说明: MK CasCoat uses a new shell building technology for larger moulds and expensive slurries. It is suitable for all kinds of slurries( even expensive Yttrium slurry) and can replace the conventional slurry tank to produce large moulds more than 1 tons. Compared with the conventional slurry tank, MK CasCoat can save more materials and become more economical. MK CasCoat can be custom-made according to the requirements of customers to meet different sizes of shell. Advantages:●Consume less slurries●Store less materials●High coating quality●Easy to maintain and no conversion valve●convenient to change materials ●especially for large size of mould shell

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