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日期: 2016-12-06
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Conventional slurry tanks have a rotating barrel and a fixed mixing blade. For smaller barrels, this technique has been proven to be good, for large barrels this arrangement is problematic due to the enormous mass forces. It leads to an increased friction and abrasion of the bearings and heats up the slurry in an undesirable way. Mk Technology therefore developed a reverse system especially for large tanks with a fixed barrel and a rotating double blade. Apart from the considerably reduced bearing load, this arrangement has proven to be very good with regard to the well-proportioned mixing and temperature control of the slurry.



●Simple structure, easy to maintain, bearing has high life time

●A much better mixing result and a well-proportioned particle distribution with “Sinus


●Reduced bubble formation due to the hydro-dynamically optimized double blade.

●less heat, good cooling effect, slurry last longer


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