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Induction Vacuum Machine

日期: 2017-02-07
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Type:                                         IRC1200                                 IRC1500
Dimension(L x W x H):              1990 x 2750 x 1500mm         1990 x 3500 x 1500mm
Weight:                                     3000kg                                  3500kg
Mains supply:                           400V/AV/3ph 60kw               400V/AV/3ph 60kw
Heating power:                         40kw                                     25kw/40kw
Heating:                                    induction                               induction   
Operating frequency:               medium frequency                medium frequency
Power regulation:                     0 - 100% varible                     0-100%variable
Max. crucible capacity:             12.0 L/30kg aluminium          3L/7kg alu, 12L/ 30kg alu
Max. flask size round:              φ550 x 650 mm                      φ550 x 700 mm
Max. flask size rectangle:         800x600x700mm                    950x600x750mm
Cooling water:                          20 L/min,4 bar                      20 L/
Max. operating temperature:   1100℃                                    1100℃
Protective gas consumption:   250 L/min,5 bar                     250 L/min,5bar
vavuum pump:                         00 m3/h, 0.5 mbar              100 m3/h, 0.5 mbar


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