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Meimai serve for pump valve industry

Date: 2017-08-29
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As a part of pump, impeller is one of the most important factors to determine the performance of the pump. The traditional method of manufacture impeller is to make a wood mould, then use the wood mould to make sand mould, which can be used to sand cast. We have to split the impeller's sand mould into several parts to manufacture for the impeller's blade by using traditional method, so the impeller we got is poor precision, existing more fash, long production cycle, high cost.


Suzhou Meimai using sand 3D printing technology and fast casting technology to develop new product for a famous company in domestic, Suzhou meimai made the whole sand mould by sand 3D printing, it can reduce the times of assembling sand mould to improve the precision, decrease the cost, shorten the development cycle and improve the quality of casting.

Meimai serve for pump valve industry

Meimai serve for pump valve industry

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